Why did you write this book?

Why did you write this book? It’s the question I’ve been getting most often lately. And the answer is that until recently I didn’t know why. Sure, writing a book is a personal and professional achievement. And it gives another notch of credibility on my resume.

But that’s not why I wrote this particular book.

I wrote this book because I hear from clients and friends and acquaintances “I hate HR.” For a long time I took that personally. But now I understand that the message is more like “I don’t understand HR,” and therefore it frustrates managers and employees.

HR can be simple.

We get caught up in the idea that human resources practices are shielded in mystery or layers of legal mumbo jumbo that no one wants to delve into. When in fact every element of our businesses are shielded with layers of legal and compliance issues. We aren’t scared of those departments because they focus on tasks rather than people. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and so we tend to shy away from taking action when it comes to hiring or managing performance or having the tough conversations.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

I wrote this book with three sections for very specific reasons. I believe that if you hire the right team and engage them effectively the employee relations nightmares are virtually non-existent. I’m not saying that finding the right people is easy. There is no magic wand that will automatically engage your team members. It takes a plan and it takes work. Engaging people is a set of tasks – not a once and done or set it and forget it kind of event for you.

No one taught you how to do this. Until now.

When you hear the words recruiting or engagement do you know what they mean to you as a leader? More than the definition of the words – do you understand what activities are required of you to be effective at finding your team and engaging them? In my experience no one teaches leaders how to be effective at evaluating talent nor are they taught how to engage their team. How is that fair to you as a leader or to your team? It’s unrealistic for you to be successful in hiring and engaging your team if you’ve never been given a guidebook.

So this is why I wrote the book.

You need a guidebook to help you find the best talent, engage them and comply with certain federal and state laws. HR Made Simple is a quick and easy tool for you to get the best people on your team quickly. There’s no reason to fear HR.

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