Why Marketing is HR’s New BFF

Consider you’re a new employee. You saw the company’s awesome website and content online as you researched this company you were planning to join. And now you’re here. You landed your dream job. Wow – so exciting!!!!

You go to orientation and …. Well … There are no consistent images. The policies have one logo and the benefits brochures have another. The policies are dated in mid-2000’s. It doesn’t even look like you joined the same company you interviewed with. What’s the deal?

The deal is probably something like the HR team is consumed with getting the right benefits program set up for you, scheduling your orientation, getting your manager to prepare on-boarding program and setting up your new office that it never dawned on them that an HR brand was important to consider. Or the story is, as this article from Ad Age describes, marketing is focused on outward branding and messaging it doesn’t always think about the power of internal branding.

The author from Ad Age gives a great challenge to all of us to think about our business as a brand and our employees as consumers of our company’s brand. Check it out here:

Ad Age – CMO’s Meet Your New Best Friend: the CHRO