Top talent isn’t in one place

I bet you have an incredible marketing and sales strategy for your business. After all, you’re in it for revenue and profit, right?

I bet you hired market researchers to determine the best market segments to focus product development, marketing and sales efforts. After all, if the products or services don’t sell, you aren’t going to be in business long, right?

So what’s your plan for recruiting top talent?

Hmm…. if you hear crickets chirping, you’re not alone. Most companies do not have a strategy for finding top talent. They don’t have a plan for hiring mediocre talent either, so don’t count yourself alone in this predicament.

Tapping into one customer pool will not yield the best sales, right? So why are you tapping into just one talent pool to find the best people for your company? You need a combination of avenues to make the most of your recruiting efforts.

Here are some ideas and facts to support my thoughts on this, courtesy of HR Dive ( Today’s two top job search engines—Indeed and Simply Hired—account for the bulk of external online recruiting activity, namely 62% of interviews and 59% of hires… SilkRoad, which offers cloud-based talent management solutions, also found Indeed delivered more than six times as many interviews as CareerBuilder, the next largest external source, and it also yielded nearly two and half times as many hires as all the other top branded external sources combined, i.e. CareerBuilder, Craigslist, LinkedIn and Monster. Employee referrals dominate recruiting among internal sources, producing 40% of interviews and 37% of hires, while ranking number one for hires among all the sources in the study.

Your Network

For roles you’re recruiting which are specific to your industry you may want to consider an industry-specific job board, publication, or affiliated website. You could contact an industry accreditation organization to find out if you can post on their site or on their blog sites. If you have an accreditation through that organization you may be able to post at a discount. Just ask!

Think about it, if you were looking for a job in your industry, where would you look? If you have the same accreditation as your target candidates then you might logically gravitate to the same sources.

Your team members

Who knows your company’s culture better than you? Who knows the type of skills that are needed on the team? Who knows the type of personalities that complement your existing team?

Your team members just might know more about your company than you do. Easier than training a recruiting firm about your industry or culture and – I’d argue – money better spent is to pay your employees to help you find the best talent. Your team members are not going to recruit people who they don’t want to work with. They aren’t going to refer lazy people. And remember – you’re going to interview and make the final decision of who joins the team. Employee referral programs can be a powerful piece of your recruiting strategy!

Ask for team input

Don’t be intimidated by this type of discussion. Your management team their thoughts on your recruiting strategy.

  • What recruiting tools worked well for them at previous employers?
  • What industry partners do they think would have great talent?
  • How could you utilize their network of contacts to source great talent?

Your challenge

I challenge you to do two simple things THIS WEEK to transform your hiring practices.

  • Go to and look at your company profile. They already set one up for you, so I’d check it right away. You had no control over what’s listed there so far but all the candidates for your positions are looking there. Enhance your company profile and make sure there are clear ways for candidates to find your openings when they want to submit their resumes.
  • Implement an employee referral program to reward your employees for submitting top talent. No one knows your company culture and practices better than your existing team. Wouldn’t you rather give a bonus to a valued employee for finding a new team member than to a stranger at a recruiting agency? You know your budget better than I do, but if you’re willing to pay 20-30% placement fee to an agency, I bet you can afford a $500 referral bonus to your employees.

The point of recruiting is to find the most qualified candidates for your company’s jobs. The analogies are endless, but you can’t fish in the same pond for different kinds of talent. Diversify your practices just as you do with your sales and marketing strategies.