This time, it’s all about you

Rarely do I write posts about the plight of the manager. I am so sorry for that. This time, it’s all about you. So here we are in WEEK 3 of the Feel the Love month focused on employee engagement. This is what we covered so far:

  • Week 1 – it’s the small things that make a big impact! An extra-long break, a team lunch, a Starbucks gift card ($5 goes a long way – I’m telling you!)
  • Week 2 – Communication! Talking with team members about strategy and getting them involved with fulfilling the team strategy.

So here we are, almost half way through the month. If your Valentine’s Dreams didn’t come true on Sunday don’t sweat it. You can make your team’s dreams come true with this week’s tip.

So you did some small things for big impact. You communicated some strategies. Next tip is about YOU! That’s right YOU!

I write to you all the time about how you need to do things for others. (That’s the premise behind servant leadership, by the way … ) But now I want you to focus on YOU!

Write down the biggest frustrations you have with work or life in general. I’m serious. Write them down or type them for those Evernote die-hards! When you write them down tape it on your wall, cubicle, or mirror at home. Add an action item into Evernote. Type it on a virtual sticky note on your desktop. Whatever you need to do to get those frustrations in front of you every day.

Now, this week, I want you to STOP DOING THOSE THINGS. [tweetthis]Focus on positive energy around your behaviors for better #employeenegagement.[/tweetthis]Or STOP ALLOWING OTHERS to do those things that frustrate you. START focusing on more positive efforts in your day, every day this week. That doesn’t mean you stop doing your job or resort to violence against others. (Take a deep breath, Rocky!) Be diligent in a more positive energy for yourself. If you don’t want to answer every single email every second of the day this week, then don’t. Find another way to get those things done. If you don’t want to drink from a firehose of work every day, then start scheduling things to be done every day so you can manage your workload more easily.

Put your frustrations in front of you this week so you can put them behind you SOONER THAN LATER!


PS – The interview toolkit webinar is right around the corner! Did I mention it’s FREE?!? And there is live Q&A?!? Bring your questions – and maybe your list of frustrations! – to the webinar. February 17th @ 3pmEST. Here is the link to sign up: