Struggling with talent acquisition? Start targeting!

Have you ever thought about how your best people found your company?
Have you ever thought about how you ended up selecting the best people on your team?

What are the qualities that make these people great?

Targeted talent acquisition and selection are important parts of your talent strategy. (You may be thinking – What does that mean?) The contemporary practices show that alignment of your company’s core values to how you recruit, where you source candidates, how you get to know them in the interview, and how you make your selection will result in a stronger team. Read that as “business success” because a stronger team will also return greater results.

How do you determine your core values?

Some of you reading this may already have corporate values that include integrity, honesty, return on results, etc. But I’ll argue those values are very difficult to evaluate during the talent process. In the perspective of talent acquisition, think about the values the employees hold important for working at your company. You might hear phrases from them like: customer focus, dedication to team success (instead of individual success), “personability”/likability, etc.

Here is a recent post on LinkedIn Pulse written by Sir Richard Branson about how Virgin Atlantic has had success tying core business values to the talent acquisition process. Virgin’s key areas of focus are #Personality, #Passion, and #Purpose – all of which are essential, all of which are innate and cannot be taught.

“Company knowledge and job-specific skills can be learned, but you can’t train a personality.”

(Let me be an HR geek for a moment and express this in my geek voice – “Fascinatingggg!”)

Check out the article on #LinkedInPulse by clicking here: You Can’t Fake Personality, Passion or Purpose

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