Stress is a killer.

Stress and depression are killers.
That’s right, killers.
I take the issues of stress and depression in the workplace very seriously. If you think that you can get through it on your own, chances are you’re wrong.
Here are some strategies to help you.
1) Make sure you walk away from your desk, work station, or assembly line 1-2 times per day. If you’re offered scheduled breaks – take them! If you have control of your day, set an appointment on your calendar to walk away even if it’s just for 5 minutes.
2) Talk about your workload. Even if you’re scared to the point that the conversation alone stresses you out – you have to talk about your workload. You don’t have to go to your manager first. Talk with a colleague in your department or someone in another department. Sometimes getting your frustrations off of your chest is a good stress reliever. But when you talk it through with someone else, they can help you think about your workload differently and give you tips to get out of your high level of stress.
3) Take a walk. Taking a walk around the building (inside or outside) can help you clear your head. If you like music, take your headphones with you and listen to some jams that help you escape your daily grind.
4) Eat. I’m not even going to write “eat well” because if you’re so stressed out you may not even be eating. Depression can set in if you let stress take away your basic needs. That can include eating throughout your day and drinking water. Make sure you eat and drink throughout the day.
5) Eat well. Okay, now I’ll write this. Eating well gives your body and mind the nutrients it needs to fire on all cylinders. If you put cheap gas in your car it will perform well only to a point. Same thing for your body. Sometimes a little spinach or an apple can get your mind where you need it to be.
Do not let stress take over your life. I lived with stress and depression for long periods of time and got way too caught up in a bad spiral of life. I relied on people to help me get through it. So can you.
I recently met a group that could help you if you need it. Your company may have a contract with an Employee Assistance Program as well. Get to know them. Use that benefit if it’s available to you.

Here is a company if you need a reference: