Searching for a job? Here are some ideas to get started

Ahhhh … it’s the beginning of a new year. Tell me, did you spend time over the holidays thinking about blue skies, white sand beaches and a new career for your new year plans? Many people, just like YOU, spend time thinking about a new career move during the holidays – and then they return to their place of work only to see the disappointments or frustrations that put their career change in high gear!
 If you are thinking about looking for a new position, a new career or if you’re just starting down this path, I have some tips for you about getting started in your job search.
A good first step is to write down all of the frustrations you have at your current job. Write them down! Get it out there! Because these are the driving factors for you thinking of the white sand beaches of your next employer. This list of frustrations will lead you down the path of what is important to you in your next role. If you could design the job for you, what would you do everyday; what projects would you work on; would you be part of a team or an independent contributor; etc?
Think also about the Number 1 factor for many people leaving their job – The Boss! Think about the positions you’ve held where you have really connected with your manager. What were the traits of that person that made you feel engaged in your work? Think about Mr or Ms Dreadful in your career history. What was it about their style, work demands or other behaviors that made you want to check out as soon as possible? Write these things down – no matter how serious or how minor the character trait or managerial style. [tweetthis]Write down your frustrations #rockstarcandidate[/tweetthis]
Review your lists. These lists are your first step in thinking about an important decision you have to make. Are the items on these lists things you could work on changing in your current role or at your current employer? Could you possibly work in a different department or a different role at your current employer that would be a better fit for you? Here’s why I ask – sometimes small changes in your current work situation can have a huge impact on your commitment to your work, engagement with your role, and desire to go to work every day.
If you decide that sticking with your current gig isn’t the right option, read my other blogs to help you work on your cover letter, resume, and getting noticed in your job search!
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