Localism and the fight to stay familiar 

My morning routine consists of waking up, getting ready, watching some news, etc. Probably very similar to your morning routine.

One guilty pleasure I have – if I have time between showers and straight irons – is watching surfing videos. I love watching the artistry of surfers and admire their fearless attack on relentless waves.

I follow a magazine called Stab Magazine which gives me lots of cool info for my viewing and reading pleasure. Here’s a cool article recently published about the staunch localism felt on the island of Kauai in the US state of Hawaii.

As I read the article it got me thinking about how fierce protection of what is “yours” whether it be a way of life, culture, resources, or friends/family is a driver for many people. It’s why companies that go through significant changes often struggle to convert the way of thinking of team members who’ve been with the company a long time. There’s loyalty in the sense of comfort and respect for what’s known; what’s familiar.

I liked reading about the ways of Kauai and I hope it stays local for all the reasons mentioned in the article.

But I’d sure like to visit if they’ll have a mainlander like me for a week or two!

Click through here: Stab Magazine – Localism on Kauai
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