I’m taking the day off.

I’m taking the day off. That’s right. As I type this post I am planning to take the day off tomorrow. It’s a Monday that I’ll be taking the day off so that allows a 3-day weekend for me. Many yays!

What a luxury!

Why is it such a luxury to take a day off? Why do we work ourselves so hard to feel like we get to the point of exhaustion and exasperation before we give ourselves a break? I’m sure there is science to support our human behaviors but I’m not going to tell you any of that. I’m not even close to being qualified to share those statistics or findings. I can say for my own life that I don’t take much time off. I never have. I remember on my honeymoon my new spouse and I looked at each other mid-way through the week with a glint of fear in our eyes about the volume of work that was piling up at the office. That was before smart phones and the 24/7 access that we thought would help us manage the workload. Now with 24/7 access we can’t separate ourselves unless we take a trip to a deserted island – although I bet there’s a cell tower there now too!

So I haven’t taken any time off since July when I spent time on a family vacation. I work seven days a week like most of you do. Don’t be shocked by that. Did you check your email this weekend? Listen to phone messages? Peak at your calendar to prepare for the week ahead? It’s very easy to forget how much we invest in our work even when we are supposed to be spending time with family or relaxing.

Yes – you too probably work 7 days a week!

I’ve written other blogs about the importance of taking time off, using your paid vacation time if you have it, and recharging your batteries to be a better team member at work and at home. I’ve gotten away from it myself and I need to take time off. I know I need it. I’m not being a good team member, leader or family member.

So on this magical Monday when I take time off I am going to sleep in, get a facial and try really – reallllly – hard not to work. Wishing you the ability to take some time off and use your PTO before the end of the year!