I’m not your police force

Have you heard about the code of conduct violations at Wells Fargo and their sky high penalties? If not, check it out via The Washington Post. 

Yeah, so … I don’t agree with a recent article published by Society for Human Resources Professionals, SHRM. Well not all of it, with all due respect to the author and SHRM. Read more here.

Yes it’s the job of HR to stand up against retaliation of whistleblowers and ensure proper investigation of code of conduct violations – in some cases.

I don’t agree that HR should be the only one policing the company’s code of conduct. Our positions should not be the sheriff to the C-Suite. That’s the job of the Board and if your company doesn’t have a Board then good luck being the conscience of a greedy executive team like the one at Wells Fargo.

I do think our job is to counsel companies on creating compensation program that encourage employees to behave inappropriately. If your comp programs don’t fairly pay in base or give incentive comp for the wrong behavior, you’ll have a Wells situation on your hand. Plain and simple.

From SHRM: