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The HR Playbook You Have Been Looking For


Scaling your business means hiring people. Where do you find them and how do you select the best people? No one has ever taught you how to do this until now! Implement the best hiring process for your company starting with your employment value proposition through to a killer job posting and an interview process that gets the best people on your team.


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Top talent demands to be part of your business. If you're going to hire the best people then you need to make sure they are able to contribute and are rewarded for their efforts. Inside you'll get simple tips to implement to engage people immediately. No complex performance management programs here. Just simple, repeatable tactics to empower your team and recognize them for the business's success.


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Compliance is a necessary evil of your business. If you ignore it you could wash out your profitability in one fell swoop. Compliance is as much a process as any other process in your business. Stay up to date on wage and hour, immigration, and other policies through the HR Made Simple guide.

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HR Really Can Be Simple!

You want your business to grow but how can you find the best talent and keep them engaged at your company? It’s the million dollar question for business owners. Most of my clients don’t have a strategy for hiring and engaging talent but they spend thousands of dollars trying to find the right answer. That’s where HR Made Simple comes in! In this book you’ll get tips on how to find and hire the best talent, simple ways to engage your team and empower them to achieve your business’s goals, and a straightforward guide on how to stay in compliance to the various federal and state laws. HR really can be simple!

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About the Author

Amanda King is the Founder and President of Operam HR. Educated at George Mason University, Oxford, and Cornell, she’s worked for global organizations like Spectris plc, Ahold USA, and Harsco Corporation. Her experience with large, multi-national corporations taught her the importance of balancing the needs of management and employees through open lines of communication, education and a willingness to evolve company programs to meet the changing demands of the modern workforce.

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Advance praise for "HR Made Simple"

“I love this book! Very easy to read and incredibly helpful, reading it as an entrepreneur in small business.”

— Dr. Elizabeth Carney, Veterinarian and Partner of Peaceful Pet Passage

“I feel like your book is speaking directly to me about exactly the problems I have faced! It is easy to read and understand. You really do make it simple! ”

— Jillian Williams, Chief Executive of Bevrore

“We have turned to this book repeatedly throughout the hiring process. I don't know what we would do without it.”

— Justin Rule, Founder of Sparrow Creatives