HR is a tough business 

Many of my readers are HR professionals. Like me they have been faced with writing policies, getting those policies approved snd then policing the organization (top to bottom!) based on those policies. Contemporary practice is trying to channel our actions as HR professionals to be HR business partners.

So we are supposed to be business partners to people we are also tasked with upholding the company’s rules?

The answer is YES!

Here is an article to prove why this should be your approach. Harvard Business Review published an article the summer of 2015 that presents survey results from business leaders and what they want and need from you! So here is the “what” you need to do and even a glimpse as to the “why”. But you may be struggling with the “HOW”. Understandable. In college you’re not taught how to be a business partner. You’re taught laws, processes, and little about the inner workings of a business you’re supposed to support in your career.

Think about it this way – if you are going to write a policy or a process how would you start? Many of you may think about knowing all the details first. What are the laws on which you’ll base the policy? What will be the impact of the policy? How will this policy intertwine with other rules? And then you start writing.

Being a business partner is very similar. Ask questions first. Know the facts. Think about how your words or support can be a value-add to solving a business problem. It’s a consultative process. What does my customer need? What/How can I help deliver that solution?

Read through the Harvard Business Review article by clicking this link or pasting it into your browser: