How do I find the right candidates for my company?

Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right

Your business is in need of some additional talent. Where do you go to find them? The Internet, of course! That seems obvious in this day and age, doesn’t it? But the Internet is a big place. Selecting the right recruiting sources is a critical decision. The Internet has a wealth of opportunities to find candidates, but you want to make sure you are targeting the right sources to find the best fit for your business and the roles for which you’re recruiting.

Depending on the role you’re sourcing you may want to choose a general source of candidates, like, or Those sites have the largest databases of candidates and are a great resource to find an entry-level accounting clerk to an experienced Controller.

Job Boards?

For roles you’re recruiting that are specific to your industry you may want to consider an industry-specific job board, publication, or affiliated website. You could contact an industry accreditation organization to find out if you can post on their site or on their blog sites. If you have an accreditation through that organization you may be able to post at a discount. Just ask! Think about it, if you were looking for a job in your industry where would you look? If you have the same accreditation as your target candidates then you might logically gravitate to the same sources.


Let’s talk a little more about LinkedIn. What started as a business networking site has evolved into one of the hottest recruiting sources since the first job board was created in the mid-1990’s. LinkedIn is a generalist source for candidates as much as it is an industry-focused source. You can search for candidates based on skills, experience, or current/past employers. You can find who’s currently working for your competitors. WOW! Where else can you find that kind of detail? Almost nowhere.

I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn, and as someone who has spent her entire career handling recruitment I can say LinkedIn has revolutionized the way the recruitment process works. (No offense to which is the first innovator of the online job board.) You can see candidate information and they can see YOU and your company. That has created a big difference in the conversation now. Candidates can become very well educated on YOU. Be prepared that your profile needs to be up-to-date if you’re reaching out to candidates via LinkedIn. Here is a link to help you create an employment brand on LinkedIn. Candidates will tend to research you and your company. They will probably ask you questions during the pre-screening and interview process.


Don’t be intimidated by this type of discussion. The way you find candidates who are a right fit for your company is giving candidates information about your company. If you’re a small business owner, the “company” in large part is YOU. The more of a connection you have with a candidate – and they have with you – the closer you are to finding the right candidate for your company.