Emotional intelligence – how it can impact your bottom line

This article from Jeremy Scrivens gives another example of how emotional intelligence of leaders and engagement of their team members can translate to bottom line improvements to your Board. If you need an example to help persuade your leaders – read this article! Strengths Based Business Process Innovation at Big Mountain Shire Council

This year challenge yourself to think differently about recruitment

New Year : New Opportunities Article – Recruiting Tactics The beginning of the new year is a great time to think about your recruitment needs in the coming year. What are your revenue growth goals? Are you expanding into new territories or markets? How will your team need to change in order to achieve […]

How do I select talented candidates to join my team?

If you’re at the point where you’ve successfully recruited candidates and are ready to make a selection, let’s talk about ways you can make objective selection decisions. If you haven’t found the right candidates yet, I cover other topics related to employee recruitment and selection in my other blogs. Let’s face it – candidate selection […]

I found the best candidate to join my team – now what?

You wrote the right job descriptions. You posted your job on all the right job boards. And you interviewed the most qualified panel of candidates. So after you select your new team member, what do you do next? The terms orientation and on-boarding are sometimes used interchangeably but they are actually quite different. Orientation is […]

How do I know if a candidate is a good fit for my company?

Through my blogs on recruitment I’ve given you some tips on writing position descriptions, posting your job, interviewing candidates, and selecting a candidate based on skills and abilities. But what about cultural fit? If you thought selecting a candidate based on skills and abilities was tough (all somewhat objective criteria), making a selection about cultural […]

Candidate selection – who should participate in the selection process?

You have the best situation. You planned a great recruitment strategy and now you have all these fantastic candidates. How will you decide who is the best fit?! I’ve written some blogs about candidate selection more related to making selection decisions on objective criteria like experience and education; and a separate blog on making selection […]

Recruiting tactics – challenge yourself to think differently

Recruiting tactics – challenge yourself to think differently Article – Recruiting Tactics Are you thinking out of the box with recruiting methods? I admit. I haven’t been. I’m so consumed everyday with getting through the details of work that thinking of a new way of doing things just hasn’t been on the radar for […]

Panel interviews – intimidating or helpful?

You’re ready to start interviewing candidates. This is where the excitement begins! But before you invite the candidates to meet you, here are some helpful tips on preparing for the interview process. In this blog I will focus on helping you to decide what type of interview is best for your team. Depending on the […]

What questions can I ask in an interview?

I have a new position opening at my company. And I’m scared. I’ve heard that if I ask too many personal questions someone can sue me. What do I do? Growth of a company is the goal of most business owners. It’s a sign of your success and it’s a reward for your hard work. […]

Corporate focus

This week I spent time with my corporate HR colleagues at an annual meeting. We talked about a number of topics including #benefits strategy, consolidated payroll, #diversity, #inclusion, #recruitment, and #mergers and #acquisitions. I enjoy this annual meeting very much. I work for a relatively small company with an appropriately small HR team. Most of […]