Get noticed – Developing a resume that stands out from the crowd

I had a conversation recently with someone who shared his struggle with finding a new job. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. THIS guy is having a hard time finding a job?!? He went to the right college. He took all the right jobs to develop an awesome career path. He moved around the […]

Resume writing tips

So you’ve decided that finding a new job is in the cards for you this year. Congratulations! You’ve made a big decision! There are some first steps you might want to take as you evaluate the things that are important to you in a job, company or a manager. Check out other blogs of mine for […]

Interviews are like dating … sort of …

How many times have you gone on a date and felt like the person wasn’t really paying attention to you? Awkward, right … If it’s been sometime since you had a “date” think about it in the context of a business meeting, lunch, or a networking event. You met someone you were really interested in, […]

Searching for a job? Here are some ideas to get started

Ahhhh … it’s the beginning of a new year. Tell me, did you spend time over the holidays thinking about blue skies, white sand beaches and a new career for your new year plans? Many people, just like YOU, spend time thinking about a new career move during the holidays – and then they return […]

To compete or non-compete ….

You always want to protect your business from risks. But how can you protect it when there are people out to compete against you? Competing ideas. Competitive pricing. And what about the employees who decide to leave you and work for the competition?!? It’s easy to feel like you’re not in control. Many businesses have […]

Struggling with talent acquisition? Start targeting!

Have you ever thought about how your best people found your company? Have you ever thought about how you ended up selecting the best people on your team? What are the qualities that make these people great? Targeted talent acquisition and selection are important parts of your talent strategy. (You may be thinking – What […]

Why Marketing is HR’s New BFF

Consider you’re a new employee. You saw the company’s awesome website and content online as you researched this company you were planning to join. And now you’re here. You landed your dream job. Wow – so exciting!!!! You go to orientation and …. Well … There are no consistent images. The policies have one logo […]

Leaves of absence – Make the most of these benefits

These are common questions or thoughts that arise when the phrase “leave of absence” is presented to a manager or business owner. Why would anyone need to take a long leave of absence? Why should I comply with these laws? Disability plans are too expensive for me to implement at my company. The old school […]