Got Trust? Here are some reminders of how to get it!

Corporate trust is a buzz-worthy phrase used in corporations around the world. Developing trust with clients is important to sustained revenue and development opportunities. Corporate responsibilities can also relate to environmental responsibilities and other external-facing needs for a corporation to be trusted. (from Entrepreneur Magazine) Developing trust with employees is an inward-facing process. It’s often not on […]

Being There – Encouraging employees to speak up

You’ve read the papers. A huge corporation has a catastrophic PR nightmare because something inappropriate was happening seemingly right under the noses of the executives. Outrageous! Penalties and lawsuits abound following the scandal. Negative media haunts the company. Inevitably the questions are asked – Who knew about these issues? How could this type of thing […]

Corporate focus

This week I spent time with my corporate HR colleagues at an annual meeting. We talked about a number of topics including #benefits strategy, consolidated payroll, #diversity, #inclusion, #recruitment, and #mergers and #acquisitions. I enjoy this annual meeting very much. I work for a relatively small company with an appropriately small HR team. Most of […]

Why good employees quit – it’s pretty simple

I read an article on LinkedIn today, written by Mary Davids (, Twitter: @MVDavids). The reasons are simple to diagnose. The solutions are easily devised. The behavior change required to change company culture – like what’s acceptable leader-employee relationships and interactions – is much more difficult. It’s easy to say, If they don’t like it […]

Motivation. Not excuses.

The US Navy Seals. What comes to mind when you think of them? Honor. Dedication. Strategy. When I think of that group of people, I think of what must be the greatest combination of courage and fear. The fear can’t be spoken of. But I bet it’s a piece of what drives the courage. This […]