Motivation killers – Are you this manager? 

I am one of those employees who’s a great asset to the business I support. I work hard. I try my hardest to be a good manager. I make every effort to be accurate with my work. Because of those things I sometimes lose my motivation. I feel under appreciated. Misunderstood. Frustrated. Worst of all, […]

Leaves of absence – Make the most of these benefits

These are common questions or thoughts that arise when the phrase “leave of absence” is presented to a manager or business owner. Why would anyone need to take a long leave of absence? Why should I comply with these laws? Disability plans are too expensive for me to implement at my company. The old school […]

Compensation Strategy – A piece of the Culture Puzzle

Compensation challenges are some of the most difficult to sort out at a company. Let’s face it, pay is the reason most people work so it’s a personal thing to your employees. This time of the year many companies are thinking about annual raises – who gets them, why should employees receive increases, “Oh my […]

Performance management – the tough talks

You’ve decided that this year is the year. This is the year you’re going to incorporate performance discussions into the cadence of your team. Congratulations! You’ve just endeavored to show interest in your team members, support them with achieving their goals (and by the way – your goals too!) and you’re committing to fill in […]

Performance management – preparation is key

Tell me if you have experienced this before … You are sitting at your desk, let’s say around lunch time. Your manager swings by and says, “Hey, Bob, do you have time to talk about your performance in the last six months?” Choking on your tuna fish sandwich you think, Um, no! But you say […]

Performance management – a year-round event

This post is the first in this series considering performance management as a year-round event. As the image in this post implies, your company’s culture is a puzzle. Performance management is a large piece of the puzzle and greatly impacts the company. I have worked at companies where performance management is a single, annual event (maybe […]

Happiness is not the same as engagement

How powerful is this article on The Symbolist? Engagement is not about being happy or unhappy. Engagement is about looking at the whole employee and tying their wants, their work, company goals and recognition together. Happiness is an ideal we all strive for. But if happiness is your goal of the engagement strategy, this article […]

There’s no shame in engagement

We’ve all done this before. Admit it. You try to counsel an employee but it comes out like you’re shaming an employee for not doing a good job, choosing the wrong decisions path, coming into work late, etc. That’s not how you planned the conversation to go but that’s what happened. Now what? Think about […]

Emotional intelligence – how it can impact your bottom line

This article from Jeremy Scrivens gives another example of how emotional intelligence of leaders and engagement of their team members can translate to bottom line improvements to your Board. If you need an example to help persuade your leaders – read this article! Strengths Based Business Process Innovation at Big Mountain Shire Council