3 Words About Wholehearted Leadership

Leadership takes different forms. Sometimes it’s based on the period of time – maybe there’s a crisis or significant growth. Often times leadership is shaped by the personality of the leader. But interestingly the power of the leader is the ability to connect with employees. The concept of Wholehearted Leadership goes beyond employee engagement. It’s […]

Earn credibility as an HR partner

How have you earned credibility at your company? Delivering legal policy documents Guiding managers and employees through the progressive discipline process. Managing the company’s labor relations strategy. All of those things are essential HR functions. The efforts ensure compliance and prove your value by minimizing risks. But what about getting to know the company. The […]

What should you communicate about promotion to your employees?

To most employees, promotions are often mysterious. They often feel that some people rise quickly based on who they know rather than what they know. Unfortunately, this might be true for some organization, this assumption is not accurate for all situations. Actually, most managers don’t provide their employees with enough information about their promotion, and […]

A deeper purpose 

Are you tired of hearing about purpose and engagement? I know it can seem as though the buzz words are taking over your news feeds. I would apologize for being one of those culprits except – I’m not sorry for it. There are many stories about engagement these days because engagement is a key factor […]

Why Marketing is HR’s New BFF

Consider you’re a new employee. You saw the company’s awesome website and content online as you researched this company you were planning to join. And now you’re here. You landed your dream job. Wow – so exciting!!!! You go to orientation and …. Well … There are no consistent images. The policies have one logo […]

The 4 Easy Steps to Employee Engagement

Do these questions sound familiar to you? How do you motivate the unmotivated? Why do my employees bother coming to work everyday? I could get more done if I did things myself! What can I do to make my team more productive? I’ve asked myself these questions a time or two during my management career. […]