Motivation. Not excuses.

The US Navy Seals. What comes to mind when you think of them? Honor. Dedication. Strategy. When I think of that group of people, I think of what must be the greatest combination of courage and fear. The fear can’t be spoken of. But I bet it’s a piece of what drives the courage. This […]

How do I attract candidates to my company?

You need to hire some qualified people. How do you find them? Growth of a company is the goal of most business owners. It’s a sign of your success and it’s a reward for your hard work. It also comes with complications, one of which is determining who is going to join your team to help you […]

Position descriptions and why you need them!

You know you need someone to do some work. But how do you know what they need to do? Your business is growing and you have new needs in your company. You might need to hire new talent – or you might want to promote your existing team members. But how do you know who […]