Why did you write this book?

Why did you write this book? It’s the question I’ve been getting most often lately. And the answer is that until recently I didn’t know why. Sure, writing a book is a personal and professional achievement. And it gives another notch of credibility on my resume. But that’s not why I wrote this particular book. […]

They don’t know what you’re thinking

I can’t read your mind. Have you heard that before? Maybe it was from a significant other or your children. Maybe it was from team members on a volleyball or basketball team you play on. Wherever you’ve heard it before the fact remains that no one but you knows the thoughts in your head. When […]

A CEO with no desk? Tell me more!

“I want to show I’m available.” That’s what CEO of a company called Indiegogo, Slava Rubin, states about giving up his corner office. In a recent article in Fortune magazine, a few companies are highlighted as having CEO’s who’ve given up their corner offices or a desk altogether to be closer to employees and the activities […]

The "firm 40" hour work week

How many hours of work per week do you average? Is it around 40? Is it inevitably well over 40, which by the laws of averages means you’re putting in well over 50 hours most weeks. There is a company in Michigan that’s implemented a new rule. They tell employees, You give us 40 hours […]

21st Century HR

“HR, as we know it, retains far too many of the trappings of its 20th-century origins. The way we think about HR has not caught up with our digital, mobile age.” This is a quote from Ian Wilcox, an esteemed partner at Hay Group. Think about those statements. The way we as HR professionals are […]

Earn credibility as an HR partner

How have you earned credibility at your company? Delivering legal policy documents Guiding managers and employees through the progressive discipline process. Managing the company’s labor relations strategy. All of those things are essential HR functions. The efforts ensure compliance and prove your value by minimizing risks. But what about getting to know the company. The […]

Why Marketing is HR’s New BFF

Consider you’re a new employee. You saw the company’s awesome website and content online as you researched this company you were planning to join. And now you’re here. You landed your dream job. Wow – so exciting!!!! You go to orientation and …. Well … There are no consistent images. The policies have one logo […]

HR is a tough business 

Many of my readers are HR professionals. Like me they have been faced with writing policies, getting those policies approved snd then policing the organization (top to bottom!) based on those policies. Contemporary practice is trying to channel our actions as HR professionals to be HR business partners. So we are supposed to be business […]