Performance management is a waste of time

“Performance management is a waste of time.” And you know what, I couldn’t agree with you more. But let me explain. When I started my career as an HR professional we used to have conversations with our team members. We sat in cafeterias or in break rooms and talked with each other. We had meetings […]

Why did you write this book?

Why did you write this book? It’s the question I’ve been getting most often lately. And the answer is that until recently I didn’t know why. Sure, writing a book is a personal and professional achievement. And it gives another notch of credibility on my resume. But that’s not why I wrote this particular book. […]

Are secrets destroying your company’s culture?

Did you read the articles yesterday about a sexual harassment case at Fox News Corporation? If you didn’t, you can check it out here. So I posted a link to the article yesterday on my LinkedIn page as well as my company’s Facebook page. LinkedIn didn’t get much response or activity. My Facebook post though – […]

Follow through is key

This month I’ve been writing to you about employee engagement and how to show the love to yourself and your team members. This is what we covered so far: Week 1 – it’s the small things that make a big impact! An extra-long break, a team lunch, a Starbucks gift card ($5 goes a long […]

This time, it’s all about you

Rarely do I write posts about the plight of the manager. I am so sorry for that. This time, it’s all about you. So here we are in WEEK 3 of the Feel the Love month focused on employee engagement. This is what we covered so far: Week 1 – it’s the small things that make […]

Feel the love

So it’s Week Two in February – our Feel the Love month! My last post told you how small things to show BIG appreciation to your team members. Did you take up my challenge on those things? If not, there’s no time like the present. Last week I suggested a few small things you could do […]

It’s the little things

January is behind us. February is ahead of us. And a whole year of opportunity is lying in wait. If January flew by you like it did me, there’s no time like the present to get back on track! This is a great time to show some appreciation to your team members and get on […]

Resume writing tips

So you’ve decided that finding a new job is in the cards for you this year. Congratulations! You’ve made a big decision! There are some first steps you might want to take as you evaluate the things that are important to you in a job, company or a manager. Check out other blogs of mine for […]

It’s time we have a talk.

I’m curious – how well was your year in 2015? How well did your team members perform? Did you do a year-end wrap up with your team members? If you didn’t, it’s okay. The beginning of the year is a great time to start talking with employees about past performance and establishing goals for the year […]

This is not a day care

“This is not a day care.” Have you ever thought this same thought about your company? You’re not alone! This quote was included in a blog post written by Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s president Dr. Everett Piper about his observations on today’s youth. While his blog focuses on the behavior of college students being fiercely politically correct […]