Leaves of absence – to pay or not to pay?

Have you thought about your leave of absence plans? Richard Branson has! Maternity leave is usually what we talk about in the U.S. as a primary leave of absence under the FMLA. For employers who are not required to follow FMLA (less than 50 employees and other concerns or if you’re not sure, see FMLA […]

Performance management – preparation is key

Tell me if you have experienced this before … You are sitting at your desk, let’s say around lunch time. Your manager swings by and says, “Hey, Bob, do you have time to talk about your performance in the last six months?” Choking on your tuna fish sandwich you think, Um, no! But you say […]

Got Trust? Here are some reminders of how to get it!

Corporate trust is a buzz-worthy phrase used in corporations around the world. Developing trust with clients is important to sustained revenue and development opportunities. Corporate responsibilities can also relate to environmental responsibilities and other external-facing needs for a corporation to be trusted. (from Entrepreneur Magazine) Developing trust with employees is an inward-facing process. It’s often not on […]

Remote working – How to create the best possible situation for everyone!

Working from home, telecommuting remote workers – call it what you will but these types of employment relationships are more and more commonplace in today’s working world. Whether you allow employees to work remotely as a benefit for your employees or you have employed someone who lives in a different area than your main business […]

Recruiting tactics – challenge yourself to think differently

Recruiting tactics – challenge yourself to think differently Article – Recruiting Tactics Are you thinking out of the box with recruiting methods? I admit. I haven’t been. I’m so consumed everyday with getting through the details of work that thinking of a new way of doing things just hasn’t been on the radar for […]

Telecommuting – is it the best way to go?

Today, more than ever, American employees are working from home at least one day a week. More than 13 million U.S. workers (9.4 percent) worked at least one day at home per week in 2010, compared with 9.2 million people, or 7 percent of U.S. workers in 1997. – Earlier this week I posted a blog […]

Position descriptions and why you need them!

You know you need someone to do some work. But how do you know what they need to do? Your business is growing and you have new needs in your company. You might need to hire new talent – or you might want to promote your existing team members. But how do you know who […]