A (necessary?) pause to FLSA updates?

So then this happened today …. a federal judge in Eastern Texas put a halt to the FLSA regulation updates. Well … maybe … I know you have been working diligently on updating your approach to the FLSA compliance. The announcement in May 2016 by the federal Department of Labor told us that we would need […]

Wait, I can just pay everyone a salary?

Wait, I can just pay everyone a salary? Yes, this is true. But not so fast! The recent changes in FLSA requirements have people’s heads spinning about implementing a reasonable approach to compliance. Let me translate that. People don’t know how to get in line with the new regulations. Here’s the thing. The regulations are essentially the […]

No more excuses

I have had so many questions about the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations during my career and it’s not surprising. It’s a complicated law – mainly because it’s terribly outdated for how we do business today. Here’s the thing, most of my clients are violating the regulations. And YOU may be too. Here are some […]

Your $250,000 problem

I met with a colleague this week who told me about this situation he encountered at a former employer. This colleague was an HR Manager at a reputable company. Reputable in the standpoint that its vendors and customers recognized them as a leader in the industry. Their employees, however, didn’t view the company as being […]

Overtime pay is coming. Are you ready?

The US White House confirmed yesterday that the Department of Labor has approved a series of changes to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). These changes have been rumored for the last 18 months. Now we finally know the details. It’s time to take action! It happened. Are you ready? You have to comply […]

The "firm 40" hour work week

How many hours of work per week do you average? Is it around 40? Is it inevitably well over 40, which by the laws of averages means you’re putting in well over 50 hours most weeks. There is a company in Michigan that’s implemented a new rule. They tell employees, You give us 40 hours […]

The guilt around vacation time

Americans are work-aholics. It’s proven in study after study. We are a dedicated bunch of people committed to productivity and achievement at our careers. I take pride in my work and many of you do too! But time is ticking in this calendar year to take time off. Don’t feel guilty about vacation time. Use […]

Leaves of absence – Make the most of these benefits

These are common questions or thoughts that arise when the phrase “leave of absence” is presented to a manager or business owner. Why would anyone need to take a long leave of absence? Why should I comply with these laws? Disability plans are too expensive for me to implement at my company. The old school […]