I’m taking the day off.

I’m taking the day off. That’s right. As I type this post I am planning to take the day off tomorrow. It’s a Monday that I’ll be taking the day off so that allows a 3-day weekend for me. Many yays! What a luxury! Why is it such a luxury to take a day off? […]

This FMLA case is giving me a headache!

FMLA is complicated. Even the acronym is kind of complicated, if you ask me! The Family Medical Leave Act was enacted originally in 1993 and has gone through a number of amendments since then. FMLA is designed to protect someone’s job while they attend to their own medical need or the medical need of an […]

Stress is a killer.

Stress and depression are killers.   That’s right, killers.   I take the issues of stress and depression in the workplace very seriously. If you think that you can get through it on your own, chances are you’re wrong.   Here are some strategies to help you.   1) Make sure you walk away from […]

A CEO with no desk? Tell me more!

“I want to show I’m available.” That’s what CEO of a company called Indiegogo, Slava Rubin, states about giving up his corner office. In a recent article in Fortune magazine, a few companies are highlighted as having CEO’s who’ve given up their corner offices or a desk altogether to be closer to employees and the activities […]

The "firm 40" hour work week

How many hours of work per week do you average? Is it around 40? Is it inevitably well over 40, which by the laws of averages means you’re putting in well over 50 hours most weeks. There is a company in Michigan that’s implemented a new rule. They tell employees, You give us 40 hours […]

The guilt around vacation time

Americans are work-aholics. It’s proven in study after study. We are a dedicated bunch of people committed to productivity and achievement at our careers. I take pride in my work and many of you do too! But time is ticking in this calendar year to take time off. Don’t feel guilty about vacation time. Use […]

Leaves of absence – Make the most of these benefits

These are common questions or thoughts that arise when the phrase “leave of absence” is presented to a manager or business owner. Why would anyone need to take a long leave of absence? Why should I comply with these laws? Disability plans are too expensive for me to implement at my company. The old school […]