They don’t know what you’re thinking

I can’t read your mind. Have you heard that before? Maybe it was from a significant other or your children. Maybe it was from team members on a volleyball or basketball team you play on. Wherever you’ve heard it before the fact remains that no one but you knows the thoughts in your head. When […]

Stress is a killer.

Stress and depression are killers.   That’s right, killers.   I take the issues of stress and depression in the workplace very seriously. If you think that you can get through it on your own, chances are you’re wrong.   Here are some strategies to help you.   1) Make sure you walk away from […]

Follow through is key

This month I’ve been writing to you about employee engagement and how to show the love to yourself and your team members. This is what we covered so far: Week 1 – it’s the small things that make a big impact! An extra-long break, a team lunch, a Starbucks gift card ($5 goes a long […]

This time, it’s all about you

Rarely do I write posts about the plight of the manager. I am so sorry for that. This time, it’s all about you. So here we are in WEEK 3 of the Feel the Love month focused on employee engagement. This is what we covered so far: Week 1 – it’s the small things that make […]

Feel the love

So it’s Week Two in February – our Feel the Love month! My last post told you how small things to show BIG appreciation to your team members. Did you take up my challenge on those things? If not, there’s no time like the present. Last week I suggested a few small things you could do […]

It’s the little things

January is behind us. February is ahead of us. And a whole year of opportunity is lying in wait. If January flew by you like it did me, there’s no time like the present to get back on track! This is a great time to show some appreciation to your team members and get on […]

Getting to know your candidates

The last few posts I’ve written have been about preparing for an interview, putting a candidate at ease and doing the necessary follow through after the interview. You can read those posts here: 7 Tips for Better Interviews  Interview Expertise Some of my readers have asked about what to do during the interview itself. I wanted to […]

Interviewing expertise

“You are probably the best in your field. You studied you craft. You perfected your approach. And now you can honestly say you’re ahead of most people in your line of work. Congratulations! Now go hire someone just like you were 5 or 10 years ago. But you won’t get any pointers on how to […]

Career search – steps for success

Well, you’re ready for a job change. Maybe even a career change! You’ve thought about what is important to you about your next role. You know what type of management style makes you feel most engaged. And you’ve written a killer resume. Here are some general points to help you get noticed for all the […]

Get noticed – Developing a resume that stands out from the crowd

I had a conversation recently with someone who shared his struggle with finding a new job. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. THIS guy is having a hard time finding a job?!? He went to the right college. He took all the right jobs to develop an awesome career path. He moved around the […]