I’m not your police force

Have you heard about the code of conduct violations at Wells Fargo and their sky high penalties? If not, check it out via The Washington Post.  Yeah, so … I don’t agree with a recent article published by Society for Human Resources Professionals, SHRM. Well not all of it, with all due respect to the […]

Your OSHA reports are going public in a big way 

Are you responsible for OSHA reporting? If you are, then you probably know about the two rules that will go into effect in 2017 related to electronic reporting and anti-retaliation. OSHA investigators are not really trained to sniff out retaliatory practices at companies The new rule initially provided that beginning Aug. 10, (um, that was […]

No more excuses

I have had so many questions about the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations during my career and it’s not surprising. It’s a complicated law – mainly because it’s terribly outdated for how we do business today. Here’s the thing, most of my clients are violating the regulations. And YOU may be too. Here are some […]

This FMLA case is giving me a headache!

FMLA is complicated. Even the acronym is kind of complicated, if you ask me! The Family Medical Leave Act was enacted originally in 1993 and has gone through a number of amendments since then. FMLA is designed to protect someone’s job while they attend to their own medical need or the medical need of an […]

Are secrets destroying your company’s culture?

Did you read the articles yesterday about a sexual harassment case at Fox News Corporation? If you didn’t, you can check it out here. So I posted a link to the article yesterday on my LinkedIn page as well as my company’s Facebook page. LinkedIn didn’t get much response or activity. My Facebook post though – […]

Your $250,000 problem

I met with a colleague this week who told me about this situation he encountered at a former employer. This colleague was an HR Manager at a reputable company. Reputable in the standpoint that its vendors and customers recognized them as a leader in the industry. Their employees, however, didn’t view the company as being […]

How Do You Find Rock Star Talent?

Finding the best people for your company may be one of the greatest frustrations you have as a business owner or a manager. You post jobs online and you get bombarded with candidates who aren’t remotely qualified. Then you finally get to interviewing people and hire one of them. Why is it that the most […]

Overtime pay is coming. Are you ready?

The US White House confirmed yesterday that the Department of Labor has approved a series of changes to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). These changes have been rumored for the last 18 months. Now we finally know the details. It’s time to take action! It happened. Are you ready? You have to comply […]

Challenges with weed in the workplace 

Denver is a beautiful city. It has many things to offer – the Rockies (mountains and baseball); the Broncos; rolling plains; great skiing; hiking; fishing and … yes … weed. You can stroll along the streets of Lower Downtown (LoDo, if you’re in the know) and smell the sweet nectar of marijuana pouring out of […]

Top Talent Isn’t in One Place

I bet you have an incredible marketing and sales strategy for your business. After all, you’re in it for revenue and profit, right? I bet you hired market researchers to determine the best market segments to focus product development, marketing and sales efforts. After all, if the products or services don’t sell you aren’t going […]