Performance management is a waste of time

“Performance management is a waste of time.” And you know what, I couldn’t agree with you more. But let me explain. When I started my career as an HR professional we used to have conversations with our team members. We sat in cafeterias or in break rooms and talked with each other. We had meetings […]

Why did you write this book?

Why did you write this book? It’s the question I’ve been getting most often lately. And the answer is that until recently I didn’t know why. Sure, writing a book is a personal and professional achievement. And it gives another notch of credibility on my resume. But that’s not why I wrote this particular book. […]

Top talent isn’t in one place

I bet you have an incredible marketing and sales strategy for your business. After all, you’re in it for revenue and profit, right? I bet you hired market researchers to determine the best market segments to focus product development, marketing and sales efforts. After all, if the products or services don’t sell, you aren’t going […]

How do you find rock star talent?

Finding the best people for your company may be one of the greatest frustrations you have as a business owner or manager. You post jobs online and get bombarded with candidates who aren’t even remotely qualified. Then you finally get through interviewing people and hire one of them. Why is it that the most promising […]

Finding talent – Where do you start?

When you’re thinking about bringing individuals into your company—a freelancer, a contractor, a temp, an employee, a business partner—I think you have to start out with what is it that you really need? Then you get into why would I hire someone and a certain type of business relationship with that person? Before you create […]

Finding talent takes preparation

What are the values and priorities of your business? Think back to when you started your company. What was the driving force in wanting to start the company? Maybe you had in mind creating an innovative product that would completely disrupt the market. Maybe you saw an opportunity to provide a service to other companies. […]

A (necessary?) pause to FLSA updates?

So then this happened today …. a federal judge in Eastern Texas put a halt to the FLSA regulation updates. Well … maybe … I know you have been working diligently on updating your approach to the FLSA compliance. The announcement in May 2016 by the federal Department of Labor told us that we would need […]

I’m taking the day off.

I’m taking the day off. That’s right. As I type this post I am planning to take the day off tomorrow. It’s a Monday that I’ll be taking the day off so that allows a 3-day weekend for me. Many yays! What a luxury! Why is it such a luxury to take a day off? […]

Wow did I mess this up!

Let me start with the positives. I just hit a HUGE milestone in my business’s life cycle. I made it through the first full year of business and I’m in the black! Wooohoooo! So professionally and personally I feel like I’m firing on all cylinders. And I feel like I’m pretty put together for the […]

Wait, I can just pay everyone a salary?

Wait, I can just pay everyone a salary? Yes, this is true. But not so fast! The recent changes in FLSA requirements have people’s heads spinning about implementing a reasonable approach to compliance. Let me translate that. People don’t know how to get in line with the new regulations. Here’s the thing. The regulations are essentially the […]