The 4 Easy Steps to Employee Engagement

Do these questions sound familiar to you?

How do you motivate the unmotivated?

Why do my employees bother coming to work everyday? I could get more done if I did things myself!

What can I do to make my team more productive?

I’ve asked myself these questions a time or two during my management career. If you’ve managed team members at all – whether it was a direct management relationship or leadership during a project you managed – it’s easy to think that sometimes those around you don’t have as much motivation as you do. When I am in that situation, I take a step back and ask myself, “Why is this happening?”

When my team doesn’t seem motivated it’s usually because they don’t have the same vision as I do. Let me rephrase that. Often what’s happened is I created a plan and didn’t share it clearly with my team. I can see what we need to do, why we are doing this, and what is the end result. But if my team seems unmotivated it’s because I didn’t clearly communicate and educate as often as needed.

Employee engagement has four pillars, as I see it. (Let’s be clear that I didn’t create these concepts!)

#1 – What’s in it for me?

#2 – Do I understand the company’s/project’s goals?

#3 – Do I understand how I contribute to the success of those goals?

#4 – Do I feel rewarded and recognized for my contributions?

This is the easiest how-to guide you’ll ever get for employee motivation. These are four simple questions that can be applied to every presentation, one-on-one meeting, team meeting, or goal setting discussion. If you use an approach that reflects how you’ve considered the employee’s perspective and achieving their personal goals you will be more successful. Working harder, working more hours, providing more output – that’s what the company wants. Achieving goals, progressing in a career path, and receiving rewards and recognition are why an employee might want to put forth extra effort and deliver high results.

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