21st Century HR

“HR, as we know it, retains far too many of the trappings of its 20th-century origins. The way we think about HR has not caught up with our digital, mobile age.”

This is a quote from Ian Wilcox, an esteemed partner at Hay Group. Think about those statements. The way we as HR professionals are educated is based on laws and practices that are SO last century! Really? Customer support reps are often not considered meeting the professional exemption qualifications per the FLSA. How many times have you tried to explain that to a 20-year veteran of that profession, someone who has saved customer relationships and solved business challenges yielding direct revenue to the business? It makes HR seem out of touch of business operations and needs.

But the laws are the laws, aren’t they? We can’t change them, can we? So we have to work to figure out a way to manage compliance of the laws while responding to the business. Be creative around the constraints while keeping the integrity of our profession.

It’s not easy. 

What I like most about this article is the author’s very keen acknowledgement that the summer edition of Harvard Business Review didn’t actually suggest blowing up HR, as the cover demanded. The articles all pushed the agenda that the HR profession needs to think differently about its role AND leaders need to include those people strategies in every way.

HR Innovation. LOVE that idea!

Check out Ian Wilcox’s post from Hay Group’s blog: “What Work Was, What Work Will Be, and Why HR Must Innovate

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