On-demand Human Resources support for businesses in growth mode.

Who is OperamHR?  

We can help you source, retain, and engage the best talent.

Target The Best Talent

Creating a recruiting strategy is as important to your business success as creating the right sales and marketing program. We will show you how!

Retain Your Best Employees

Setting goals and creating performance management programs are one thing. But understanding what drives your employees is what creates long term retention. We will work with you to create those programs.

Engage Your Team

You hired your rock stars and now they seem like they can’t wait to leave the company. What happened?!?

Get back on the right track by engaging your team using our 4 Key Engagement Principles

Get your people engaged NOW!

If your team doesn’t seem engaged, it can impact you negatively. Here’s the thing. You can engage people around you and create strong bonds. Click through and get 4 easy to implement ideas RIGHT NOW! You’ll see a system of tools you can use to implement new engagement strategies to re-energize your team.

Get 4 Easy Steps  

Success Begins Now

Start focusing on your SUCCESS. Stop the madness of hiring the wrong people. Stop the madness of spending more time with handling disgruntled employees.

Find The Right Candidate  

Don’t take our word for it

“She takes the time to analyze every scenario as if it were her own, and because of that I am grateful for the one-on-one interactions that she and I have had.”

— Jesse Hannigan, HR Manager at Garden Spot Distributors

“I recommend anyone struggling with HR issues to consult Amanda as soon as possible in order to get your business back on track and focused on what it is supposed to be doing.”

— Dr. Melissa McFarland, DVM, President of Cape Horn Animal Hospital

“Amanda is one of the most professional and hard-working HR professionals that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

— Paul Tanner, Managing Director (Europe) Data Device Corp.

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