Recruiting tactics – challenge yourself to think differently

Recruiting tactics – challenge yourself to think differently Article – Recruiting Tactics

Are you thinking out of the box with recruiting methods? I admit. I haven’t been. I’m so consumed everyday with getting through the details of work that thinking of a new way of doing things just hasn’t been on the radar for me. This article gives some great ideas for new ways of candidate sourcing, screening, and selection methods. Tracking candidate submissions are another challenge for me (until I get all modules implemented in the new HRIS my company purchased).

Video interviewing – Here are some partners you may want to research: 

Recruitment tracking technology like an Applicant Tracking System. Here are some sites to help you find the best tracking solution for your needs!

I need to think outside of my comfort zone. Maybe you do too. Check out the article and let me know if you have tried any of these methods. If you need help getting started – let me know that too!