Panel interviews – intimidating or helpful?

You’re ready to start interviewing candidates. This is where the excitement begins! But before you invite the candidates to meet you, here are some helpful tips on preparing for the interview process. In this blog I will focus on helping you to decide what type of interview is best for your team.

Depending on the size of your business you may be the President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Custodian (let’s be honest … ) but when you’re considering hiring someone for your company getting advice from other people may be helpful. Having multiple people participate as interviewers can be valuable during the selection process. You can hear a different perspective and get insight on examples given by candidates. But you need to plan ahead!

Two common approaches to interviewing are the one-on-one interview or the panel interview. A one-on-one interview allows for each candidate to meet each interviewer one-by-one. Be sure to assign targeted questions to the interviewers before the interview. Check out another blog post that explains why that’s so important!

A panel interview is usually set up with a candidate and all of the interviewers in one room around one table. Each interviewer asks a series of questions to the candidate – or the interviewers go one by one asking the candidates questions. Another way to approach the panel interview is to use it more as an interactive discussion, rather than just questions and answers. Yet another way to use a panel interview set up is to ask the candidate (before the interview) to prepare a presentation on a topic. All the candidates receive the same instructions and present their take on the project or set of questions. The interviewers can then ask targeted questions to learn more about the candidate’s thought process.

Getting thoughts from other team members can be a valuable part of the interview and selection process. If you have questions about how to set up this type of interview or want sample questions please contact me …

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