How do I know if a candidate is a good fit for my company?

Through my blogs on recruitment I’ve given you some tips on writing position descriptions, posting your job, interviewing candidates, and selecting a candidate based on skills and abilities. But what about cultural fit? If you thought selecting a candidate based on skills and abilities was tough (all somewhat objective criteria), making a selection about cultural fit (subjective criteria) is a whole other ball game.

Include cultural questions in your interview process. In addition to asking questions about work-related experiences and confirming education, you should consider peppering the interview questions with questions focused on preferences: What is important to you in a work place; What types of work do you like to perform; and Do you enjoy working with others or independently. These types of questions are indicators of what is important to them. It allows you to decipher if you have a match between what’s important to them and what’s important to you. By using these types of questions intermingled with objective, skill-based questions you’re also engaging the candidates by considering what’s important to them.

Go with your gut! You’ve probably heard that advice before. Maybe you’ve even used that advice before. I am not telling you that you shouldn’t follow your instincts. You’re a successful business person and on more than one occasion I am certain you’ve relied on your instinct to get you through a tough situation. And I hope that’s worked out for you! Determining whether a candidate is a good cultural fit for the business definitely takes into account your opinions and impressions. But don’t use your gut as your sole decision making factor. Consider the candidates’ words and feedback from the interview process and how what’s important to them aligns with what’s important to you.

If you are interested in considering some selection tools, I would recommend the following partners to you. I have had success with these partners in the past or they are trusted partners within my network of contacts.

Mark Murphy and Leadership IQ

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